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2015 Glide Lotus Yoga Paddle Board


Designed, tested, and loved by yogis around the globe, the Glide Lotus is the industry’s best paddle board for yoga on the water. Our unique design started by unrolling a Manduka Pro yoga mat, then shaping the deck of the board to be that size. For stability, we added a displacement hull at the nose and extra width and thickness. Next came the all over deckpad, providing superior comfort and grip for a no-slip practice. Last, we added intentional features like four point tie downs to stash your dry bag or paddle, a tail hole for anchoring or locking the board, and our patented GSS epoxy, so your board can go anywhere without risk of dings or damage.

Whether you’re a first time paddler, or an expert athlete, this board offers a smooth ride, stable practice, and stunning design. Simply put, there’s no other board on the market like it.

Product Description

  • Patent-pending GSS ultra durable coating protects the board from dropping, dragging, and dings
  • Full size non-slip mat is equal in size to a standard yoga mat for seamless transition from land to water
  • FCS ‘easy carry’ handle is set to keep out of the way of headstands
  • Light weight construction for easy carrying (25 lbs)
  • Glide exclusive lock port allows you to lock, tie or anchor your board
  • Included with the board is a FCS 9″ dolphin fin (wanna upgrade? check out the Zen Keel)
  • USDA biomass certified entropy resin ensures that your practice is gentle on the environment – #nonpollutingSUPs
  • Self regulating vent plug for maintenance free thermal venting
  • Heavy deep V to a light deep V in the tail ensures that the yoga board will navigate the waterways safety and efficiently
  • Extra wide platform for added stability
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
10’ 35″ 5″ 218L 25 lbs


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